Pto Shaft Machinery Wide Angle Joint Pto Shaft



Triangle Yoke For Pto Shaft Torque Limiters Agricultural Machinery Wide Angle Joint Pto Shaft Wide Angle Joint

PTO drive shaft for different brands of agriculture machinery

Type: T 10 1″3/8 Z6

Torque Limiters PTO Shaft Type: T 30
1. U-Joint Size: 27*70

2. Joint Simple: Inner  4003001 / Outer 4003002

3. Splined york: 101G311138

4. Tube york: Inner 102T3236 / Outer 103T3243

5. Tube: Inner 301T363 / 302T433

6. Operating Torque:

540 tr./min:   22 kw, 30 pk, 390 Nm

1000 tr./min: 35 kw, 47 pk, 330 Nm

7. Material: 20Cr or 20CrMnTi

Surface Hardness: 58-64HRC

Core hardness:20Cr: 25-45HRC / 20CrMiTi: 33-48HRC

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